The collapse of all reality

Hey folks. My time in the Shenandoah Shakespeare touring troupe is up, and it’s time to find new jobs and new adventures. I’ll still be in Staunton at least until the end of July, and then I’ll be in a bit of an occupational limbo until September, when I start a gig with Bethesda, Maryland’s Imagination Stage (playing Mozart in “Cinderella”….long story).

Right now I am engaged in one of the most challenging jobs I’ve ever had, musical director for Shenandoah Shakespeare’s production of “Return to the Forbidden Planet”. Google it, and you’ll get the idea. The point for me is that I’m helping eleven actor-musicians learn and perform 22 or so songs within fewer days of rehearsal. The actors essentially have to be their own orchestra, so their workload is doubled while their rehearsal time is not. The group has been supportive of me and eager to learn and work, which is a blessing, and absolutely necessary to get the job done. Doubtless, their job is harder than mine, but I must say I end every day utterly spent. Lord knows how they find the energy to then take all that work and focus home to go and practice even more.

The next album -or albums- is/are on my mind, but that’s about all they’re on, as opposed to, say, a CD. I have never been busier in my life, with “Planet”, my upcoming directing stint, finding a new home, and running back and forth to DC every few days to audition. The thesis of this paragraph is “don’t hold your breath”, but also “don’t forget I exist.” As more and more time passes between albums, my ideas multiply, and I want to do more and more things. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am getting more interested in a somber acoustic-y album, along with a noisier, more electronic-y album (yay, Garageband!). The more material I come up with, the less they seem to fit on one unified recording. Another option I’ve tossed around is a series of EPs, which can me more free-form, and then a flagship album, which may share a small amount of material with the EPs. On the whole, though, I think this avenue is less likely (and less economical). One last thing, I’m pretty sure the next project will include a cover of Sting’s “Englishman in New York”. Those amazing folks at CD Baby are full of good ideas.

Oh, and I’m quite sure not everyone on Earth has heard “Paul is Making Me Nervous” yet. Let’s get on this, folks, I’m not gonna have a job in a few weeks. Boy’s gotta eat.