Feeding the Beast

Howdy howdy howdy.

First, a technical heads-up. The blog now has an RSS feed! I’m only a couple years or so behind the times! For those who don’t know what that is, click here. I know it because of Apple’s Safari browser, so for me they explain it best. In short, if you have a program or browser that can read RSS feeds, you can automatically be alerted to blog updates just by adding this site to your list of feeds. Word.

Unlike my music and my usual repartee, I am trying to keep this site fairly a-political and relevant to just my music. However, I am considering starting a whole different web site/blog that is based on my opinions and thoughts in all other realms, political, social, artistic, etc. I would, of course, use it for blatant self-promotion as well. This is a flight of fancy at the moment, but if I get my druthers and some cash for something like Macromedia Contribute, I might just get on it.

Progress on the new album is slow, mainly because I have nowhere to work. I don’t have a studio, and live in a house full of other actors, and it’s hard to do anything noisy and repetitive when there’s always someone home. So boo-hoo for me.

As for me personally, before I head to Bethesda, I’ll be a box office slave for a few weeks here at Shenandoah Shakespeare (now American Shakespeare Center). Hopefully that means a few more open mics, and maybe some local mini-gigs. I’ll keep you posted.

My production of “As You Like It” for the Young Company Theatre Camp (YCTC) went great, and I was utterly proud of the kids I got to work with. They rose to their challenge, brought heart to the show (and sheep), and told a fantastic story. Here’s me with most of my cast post-show:

Mostly, I want you all to see the program cover design by Sara Holdren (hey, that name sounds familiar…hmmm…), who was my invaluable assistant director. Dig this:

Has there ever been a cooler design for a play? Ever? No. There has not.