Ripe with Photos

This is what I do with my time. I archive.

To those who are interested in what the hell I was up to from June 2004 to June 2005 can go and check out my Flickr site and see just about every stinkin’ photo I took while working in Shenandoah Shakespeare’s (American Shakespeare Center) Ripe with Mischief touring troupe.

Click here to see all that stuff!

Also, if you’re interested, since I was one of the historians of the troupe, I put together a scrapbook using iPhoto that you can view in PDF format, if you’re so inclined.

Click here to download that big-ass scrapbook. Yes, it’s a big file.

And now a couple of quick things;

First, I don’t think I’ll be posting any songs to download from my gig at the Grind on the 21st, since the recording came out pretty lame, and I screwed up and only recorded half of the show anyway. I may change my mind, but don’t count on it. Sorry about that. I’ll give you more free stuff soon, though!

Secondly, a quick note about posting comments and their content. I love it when you guys post comments! That’s great and awesome and all that. However, I do want to keep this particular blog viewable for younger types (as I do have a number of quite young listeners). While I certainly don’t mean to maintain a G-rated blog, I do want it to hover around PG-13, so if you’re going to post a comment that pushes that stupid decency envelope, I’m gonna trash it. Fair warning. Believe me, I have no solid standard on what that means exactly, and I will violate it myself probably. But just so you know, the idea is that it’s not too raunchy for younger folks. That’s all. Cool?

Now go look at pictures.

Oh, and by the way, go here to read Jessica Dunton’s latest blog entry. She says nice things about me, including flattering things about my physical appearance.