The Next Big Step

Okay, folks, here’s what happens next:

As you already know, I’ll be doing the one-man show, The Santaland Diaries, at the Blackfriars in December. Whatever. Old news.

In January, I’ll be attending George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. Ooooh, sounds big and scary, right? You’re damn right.

Now you’re asking (assuming anyone is reading this), “But Paul, is this to say that you will be leaving music and theatre?”

To which I reply, “I wish to God people would stop asking me that question.” After I stop rolling my eyes, I would explain it this way;

No, I’m not giving up music or theatre. At all. I am going to make a go at a career in politics, specifically, the machinations behind the scenes in campaigns and politics. I will have to put acting aside for a while, but by no means am I giving it up. Music will occupy a similar place in my life as it does now, although I don’t expect to be writing music to Joe Biden’s speeches…although now that I think about it…

I will always be an actor, and I’ll always be a musician. Let it be known: I will be back! Point is, this is another thing I’ll be doing with my time and energy. I’m really excited about it, and I’m not even put off by the fact that I’ll be burdened with crippling debt for the rest of my life. Wait.