An Apology for my Disappearance and a Status Update

If you’re one of the four people who read my little blog, you will have noticed an absence of posts of late. My only excuse is that the past week and a half have seen the opening of my show, The Santaland Diaries at the Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, Virginia. It being a short show (albeit one-person show), it has not taken up all my time, but it has taken up most of my energy and brain power, and so I have not quite had the wherewithal to analyze the political currents. Suffice it to say the show is going quite well, and I will be back in full force very soon.

Which brings me to my next point, a pretty important update on my little life, which is very relevant to this project (otherwise, I probably wouldn’t bring it up). If you read the “About Paul” section, you know I’m starting graduate school at George Washington University soon to get my master’s in political management. What I just found out this week is that starting in January, I’ll be interning with ABC News’ political unit in DC. This is very exciting, and exactly the kind of thing I want to be doing, but it poses an interesting question; working for a news organization, what will I be able to freely blog about? What ethics will I be bound by, and what rules might I have to follow? I have no idea at this point, but until I know better, I will continue to do as I have. And hopefully, as often as I can.

Until next post!