Drudge Hosts Smear Ad with Obama and Mohammed Atta

by Paul Fidalgo

I know that all the right wing fringe groups like posting their ads on Drudge, as they know they can find sympathetic whatever-it-is-they-use-as-hearts. This one, though, seemed to me to cross a line even Matt Drudge might find unacceptable.

This is an ad from something called the National Republican Trust PAC, which claims a guy named Scott Wheeler as its executive director, and it features an angry-looking Obama next to a drivers license for 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta. Before I have a brain hemorrhage over it, I thought I’d call these people out for the literally tens of people who read this blog.

Since I don’t want to give them free ad space, I have somewhat messed with the image to add my own gratuitous, unfair, ad hominem attack.

They have a likewise offensive TV ad running. AlterNet has some more on the group in question, and a little more from the Boston Globe.

Wingnut ads are one thing, but Drudge gets an enormous readership. I know his standards are impossibly low for what appears on his site, but the Fedora’d One should really start thinking long and hard about the kind of person this stuff makes him seem to be.