Thanks for the Useless Umbrage

by Paul Fidalgo

A follow-up from my post last night concerning my feelings about the Elizabeth Dole “Godless” ad:

Oh, thank goodness! People are condemning this ad! Fantastic! Happy joy!

Except it’s all bullshit.

As I mentioned in my previous post, yes, it’s wrong for Dole to misrepresent or make false implications about Kay Hagan’s religion. But I have seen no one complain that this ad classifies all atheists as pariahs, unfit for association with respectable people. Oh, sure, Campbell Brown does one of her pseudo-editorials condemning the ad for attacking Hagan’s faith, but not a single word about the fact that Dole is also attacking a benign, law-abiding, rational minority for no reason. Seems that no one may question anyone else’s religious beliefs, as long as they have some.

The umbrage people are taking over the “nastiness” or the “tone” of the ad — while ignoring the vulgar insult to atheists — is worthless to me. It takes no courage to defend Kay Hagan’s Christianity.

Will no one stand up to say that atheists are not second-class citizens?

State Senator Hagan? Senator Schumer? Senator Obama? I’ll be right here when you want to pipe up.