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Month: June, 2010


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Toby Fidalgo: Klingon Warrior

My son is no mere human baby. He has Klingon blood flowing through his veins!

Going out on a Limb

I think the odds that Dave Weigel will still be doing political reporting in 2030 are much better than the odds that Kaplan, Inc.’s political journalism subsidiary will still be in business.

Matthew Yglesias » Re: Dave Weigel

Hell of a Guy

When he was governor of Arkansas, Huckabee blocked Medicaid funding for an abortion that a retarded teen-ager wanted to have after she was raped by her stepfather.

Mike Huckabee on politics, Christianity, Israel : The New Yorker (via Instapaper)


Beotches make a dude strident!!

Miranda Celeste Hale

Oh No!

Poor Red Shirt Bear – My Food Looks Funny


I can learn so much about the history of my beverage by studying its rings.

If That Doesn’t Work, Ask Mickey Mouse

I’d like to see the politicians that we’ve elected and pay to come up with an oil spill game plan think of something better than praying to jesus. [ … ] if you’re going to throw your hands up and say you have no ideas left but handing the responsibility off to a fictional character via prayer, at least have the good common sense to pray to captain planet instead.

Jed Groettum: our last, best plan (via Facebook)

The Evil I Wished on So Many

I’m trying to kick myself in the ass to start playing and writing more music. However, work, baby, shyness and laziness all conspire against me. (See how it’s not my fault? I am merely a passive victim of thoese forces!) So tonight, feeling too weary to be overly hesitant, I decided just to quickly record myself singing a really good song someone else wrote. I may, as the morning comes and shame revisits me, take this down. But for now, here’s me doing Robyn Hitchcock’s “Mexican God” with essentially no rehearsal while the wife is out carousing with old friends, and the baby monitor humming just off to my right, out of the frame.

If I’m not too humiliated I may do one of these with something I wrote. Lucky you.

The Loudest Mouth Will Hail the New Found Way

As a songwriter who fancies himself to be pretty good with melodies and hooks, I have been obsessed of late with XTC’s “King for a Day” from 1989. They’re just now coming into my musical awareness, and I can’t believe I’ve missed them all these years.

But then tonight I find this video of them performing on Letterman’s show way back in the day, and now I’m also reminded of how awesome Paul Shaffer’s band is. You know these guys showed up in the studio a couple hours before this was taped, and voila, the bands are totally in sync.

So, enjoy two levels of awesome.